I am Karlynp, and you can find me posting around the internet using the same moniker chatting about books.

I am a huge buff of romance novels, especially historicals and steamy contemporaries. But I will read any romance including paranormal, scifi, suspense and erotica.

I have read close to 1,200 romance novels to date and reviewed over 500 of them on places like Amazon and Goodreads.  As of today, this year alone I have reviewed 103 books, 45 of them by new voices (indie or debut authors) who didn’t have a fan following – yet.

I have been posting around Romancelandia for over 6-years, and have made many wonderful friendships. I have no doubt upset some people along the way as well as the changing climate of the industry over the last several years has put a lot of pressure on the ‘free’ reviewer community.  More and more authors want our time and attention, and others want to control what we say and how we communicate in places such as Amazon, Goodreads and on our own blogs.

We were once a valid and welcomed part of the ecosystem that makes up Romancelandia, but if STGRB site has its way we will all be silenced, too fearful to speak at all.

I am not an author (nor an aspiring one), just a reader who loves to chat about all things books.  I created this blog for the singular purpose of telling my side of the story.  About two weeks ago the STGRB added my name to the growing list of bullies — despite not breaking their rule of writing negative reviews about the author. (I have never done this). Their only ‘proof’ was that I called them ‘bozos’ on a Goodreads forum.

So how did I get on their side-bar-of-fame despite not breaking their primary reviewing rules? I have not been silent about my opinion of their site, but I believe it was because I gave my public support to many of the people they named as bullies.  I happen to know much more of the stories that they want you to believe. Guilty by association? Maybe, I really do not know. I’m just on their list, therefore you are just suppose to believe.



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