GoodReads Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar

(Reblogged) Kevin Weinberg is the guy Anne Rice and the STGRB wants everyone to believe is a victim of cyber-attacks, but you can see he is actually quite the online trouble-maker. He has been banned from Wattpad once, and Goodreads twice for his disruptive antics. The STGRB once considered him their enemy and wrote 5 or 6 articles showing email threats while they harassed him about his aspergers disorder. Now they are embracing his trollish ways.

This article just scratches the surface of his trolling attacks, but you will get the gist of who is really behind STGRB.

38 Caliber Reviews

Hello dear Readers, all nine of you, I hope Thursday is treating you well. After a few strenuous days I am spending today doing very little. I thought about cleaning the kitchen but then this delightful little tidbit dropped into my hands and I just had to share. Now it’s Friday so TGIF.

I think we can file this under karma is a bitch.

You all remember the delightful Kevin Weinberg/parogar? Who could forget him? His girlfriend, I guess, but the rest of us keep tripping over him because he won’t leave us alone. It got much worse after Wattpad kicked him off and he lost a lot of underage fans and/or his sock followers.

He flounced off GR because of their continued “support” of a “known bully” and rejoined right after I was banned. Hmm. Do you think he could’ve meant I was the bully? He was the…

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