Top 10 Reasons why the STGRB are the Biggest Bullies in Romancelandia

#10 – Being One-Sided Conversationalists

Despite allowing a very few pointed comments that mentions their objection to the STGRB’s bizarre methodology of ‘we’re bullying to stop bullying‘, they do not allow or encourage open discussions that might introduce other possible–and more civil–solutions. In fact, they really don’t even discuss any of the recommended methods suggested by major and accredited anti-bully organizations. The posts they do allow are by a small group of their supporters and which have a singular tone of snark, mockery, and hate. These supporters (sock-puppets?) primarily engage in more ‘bashing and trashing’ conversations.  Bottom line, their platform is CLOSED for OPEN discussion.

#9 – Maligning Goodreads’s Good Name

No social media site their size is without some trolls or some members disagreeing in a heated manner, but to single Goodreads out as the primary location for such behavior is irresponsible and even damaging.  To prove my point, many of the screen captures used on their site are pulled from many other sources such as personal blogs, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and email posts. is currently the most open, flexible and advanced social media site for book lovers and authors. They claim that 99.9% of the interactions on their site is friendly and without issues. But they are NOT the source of this issue, not by a mile.

#8 – Creating a Bigger Divide Between Authors and Readers

They want you to believe they are only stopping the negative comments about authors (not the book), but what they are really stopping are potential reviewers from speaking at all.  Out of fear of the STGRB’s wrath and persecution methods, innocent book bloggers have begun to shut down their sites, and many readers have stated they will not review anything. They fear they might be supporting an author behind that site, or that STGRB will expose private details about them. The risk is no longer worth it for many.  So do they care how this hurts the authors wanting honest ‘free’ reviews?!  I doubt it; to them it is collateral damage that can’t be helped.

# 7 – Falsely Representing Themselves as an Official Anti-Bully Group

Official organizations such as CivilNation and Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center are government backed and certified, non-profit groups with 501(c)3 authorization who do not hide behind cartoon personas and who are dedicated to addressing the same causes that STGRB falsely claims they support. They do not allow supporters to publicly engage in conversations on their own site using the same behavior they claim not to condone. In contrast, STGRB has neither the credentials nor a visible board of members to back their claim of validity, and they regularly allow malicious conversations that mock and belittle others.

#6 – Falsely Accusing People of Being Bullies

Several weeks ago I ended up on their blacklist of ‘bullies’, but the ONLY ‘proof’ they provided was one screen capture of me calling them ‘bozos’.  That’s not to say I haven’t pissed people off over the years, but implying I bash authors to ruin their careers, or that I write bogus reviews is simply FALSE. Their ‘fact checking’ department needs some work, and their ‘ethical’ department needs fired.

#5 – Their arrogant assumption that they have the right to define how amateur book reviewers voice their opinions

If they remained only focused on the mantra ‘review the book, not the author!’ I might not have added this point to the list, but over the last two months the examples paraded out for persecution went far beyond this scope. If what they display represents their actual goals to “eradicate their enemies”,  then they want to force their control all over the internet and demand that all public mentions of any author anywhere (incl. reviews, chats, comments, Facebook, Twitter…etc.) be sanitized and formatted to reflect the author (not just the book) in a positive spin. This is a righteous notion found ludicrous and impossible to enforce by many.

#4 – De-humanizing Real-life People to “Eradicate their Enemies”

Their radical eye-for-an-eye tactics and blatant de-humanizing approach to achieve their twisted goals has the romance book community up in arms.  After they put a human face and name behind several of their bullies, they have since posted COUNTLESS examples of their attempt to humiliate, ridicule, and bully these real-life people.

#3 – Expecting kudos for taking down most, but not all, of the real-life personal and private information

I am glad they came to their senses and have ceased this deplorable tactic used in their failed attempt of to “eradicate their enemies”, but the damage done cannot be undone. This would be like saying “Hey, I no longer drink and drive anymore, so I should be forgiven for the time I killed that family last year when I was drunk driving.” The only upshot is that MORE damage will not be done. To justify their behavior with excuses and imply it was harmless, instead of taking ownership and apologizing for their clear misdeed, tells me so much about that groups lack of understanding of just what is and is not a cyber-bully victim.

#2 – They exposed real-life personal information without thought of the potential risks

Their argument of “Hey, it was already public information!” should have been followed up with the statement “…if you know where to dig and how to connect the dots like we do, you can create profiles on all kinds of people!” Sadly, this is true but their purpose and intent for exposing this information does not get whitewashed away with that technicality.  The real-life information was pieced together bit by bit with the intent to profile their intended ‘bully’ victims and display them for all of their visitors to mock and ridicule alongside with them.  Their message was clear: “We know where you live, where you sleep, and who is close to you”. They purposefully exposed just enough personal details (photos, full name, city, family relations, day job company name, favorite restaurant including the day/time they frequent it…etc.) so that any crazed lunatic could (and did) connect even more dots to information about these people’s real life.

The REAL-LIFE information they posted:

#1 – Not taking the threat of violence against a person they exposed seriously

Personal threats are NEVER a joking matter, but that is exactly what the STGRB did (and continues to do). Any mature-minded person with a conscience knows to take personal threats seriously. So for a site claiming to be anti-bullying to act as it does–calling these women a liar and continually joking about this issue as a means to discredit them and shuck any responsibility (as they are for Lucy)—is a slap in the face for people who truly were victimized by personal attacks and bullying.

  • Just a FEW examples of how the STGRB founders and members are treating this very serious matter


13 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons why the STGRB are the Biggest Bullies in Romancelandia

  1. gyruleine is scary – posts are getting more threatening. Sadly, nothing will change until somebody with influence takes a stand. Waiting with increasingly less patience…

  2. There are so many wrongs with your post. Let’s start with #9, “Maligning Goodreads Good Name” – The bullies have their own “Group” where they meet and plan their attacks. Plus, all one has to do is go to my author profile and to my books to read all the nasty bullying taking place against me. None of their reviews has anything to do with my books, just personal attacks on me by people who don’t even know me. And lies and libel. None of them even read any of my books which leads us to “fake” reviews and ratings. Enough said.

    #10 – The only way to deal with a bully is to stand your ground and bully back. In high school, I used to help those who were being bullied by bullying their bully until they quit bullying, after attempts to ask them to stop or telling them to stop, they wouldn’t, so I bullied them back to make them stop. It worked.

    #8 “Creating a bigger divide between reviwers and readers” – The Bullies did this by attacking authors in their so-called reviews. Calling someone a rapist or pedophile is not a “review of the book”. Or having dozens of “reviewers” gang up on one person (namely authors) creates the real atmosphere of “fear”. As for why some of these people closed their blogs down, it’s because they got “busted” for being a bully. Nothing else.

    #7- They never posted anything in regards to claiming they were an official anti-bullying website. Maybe others have said it, or maybe they may have said they would like to become one, but they never claimed they were. Funny how you don’t have a screen shot of their website where they make this claim.

    #6 – If you’re good pals with the bullies then you’re a bully or a bully supporter. End of story.

    #5 – As I mentioned earlier, ganging up on one person or calling an author a rapist or pedophile is not “reviewing a book”. This is what they (and myself) are fighting to stop. And exposig those who write “fake” reviews and ratings.

    #4 – Talk about de-humanizing and ridiculing – again, calling someone a rapist or a pedophile or accusing them of stealing people’s “likeness” isn’t de-humanizing or ridiculing authors? Especially when the “review” is supposed to be focused on the book and not the author? Again, you can go to my books on Goodreads and see your friends “de-humanizing” and “ridiculing” me over and over for no good reason.

    #3- You see, even when they realize later that they went too far and took down anything personal or not, you people still don’t give them credit for it. Yet, all the harsh and horrible things you say and do to authors are never taken down. NEVER! You bullies leave your filthy words up for all to read. And while they did apologize for going too far, none of you bullies ever have.

    #2 – You just said they took that stuff down on #3. They no longer post that stuff up anymore. Make up your mind, are they still doing it or did they stop that practice and apologized for it?

    #1 – I was given “personal threats” by you bullies and even wished dead on one of my reviews by Mrs. Joseph and none of you bullies spoke out against it. The reason nobody is taking Lucy serious is because she makes an accusation without showing one shred of evidence to support her claims. Any normal person would have gone to the authorities yet, she never did. Sounds flakey to me.

    I think I’ll make a video of this on my youtube. Just in case you delete my comment. Then we’ll see how one sided YOU are.

    1. Oh, dear fuck, you pathetic little excuse of a man, don’t you have some schoolgirls to shake your hairy-palmed fists at? You whine for attention like a —-no, puppies are cute, there’s nothing as obnoxious as a fifty-something loser who desperately wants attention and knows he can’t get away with stealing pictures of twenty-year-old Swedish male models after the whole Internet found about that.

      You’re a perfect example of the sort of talentless, entitled, whiny, middle-aged snowflake who pulls this shit: you want everything and offer nothing, then get pissed when people don’t do what you want.

  3. Ginmar, you give stupid a bad name. You have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me. Yet you sit on your pathetic high horse pretending you are relevant in this world. I already explained everything on my blog that you just spewed from out of your ass. You have a lot of jealousy showing in your words. You could only dream to be as talented as I am. I don’t see you doing anything constructive with your life except making asinine comments. What happened? Did daddy not show you enough attention? Does your boss at work make you clean the toilets before you leave from work after a hard day on the assembly line? What? And why are you so angry at me for? It’s not my fault you’re a failure in life so why take it out on me? I can’t help it that you believe the lies of some Mexican bitch who flatters herself repeatedly with thoughts of grandeur. I’ll leave you now so you can attend to the urinals, I hear they are a pain in the ass to clean. LOL

    For what it’s worth, thank you KarLynP.

    1. Oh, God, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. That is the most pathetic list of would-be insults I’ve ever seen. The capper is that limp attempt to get someone to dodge the tumbleweeds and socks at your deserted blog where you rant like a modern, male version of Miss Havisham.
      People have screen caps, dude. They tell the whole sorry, sleazy, embarrassing tale—–how you pursued girls half your age from behind a much younger man’s picture, how you threatened reviewers for not reviewing your books—–probably doing you a favor—–and how you alternate between rage and martyrdom.

      There’s nothing wrong with getting older and wider. Fact of life. It becomes disturbing when such an individual attacks others for such ‘sins’ while suffering them themselves. When you use someone else’s picture to lure almost grotesquely younger girls into one’s web, I think one loses any high ground one might have had. Add to that your, er, highly altered version of events, and you become the poster child for talentless, truthless hacks.

      Who, after all, should one believe? The group—–and you, their sad, self, centered cheerleader—-that stalks and harasses people—–or the people who preserved the damning evidence of your
      misdeeds? Your hilarious insults are just more evidence that your denials bounce off of.

    2. ‘You have a lot of jealousy showing in your words. You could only dream to be as talented as I am. ‘

      Wow, someone has an exceptionally high opinion of themselves. Did no one ever tell you that self praise is no praise at all?

      Additionally, name calling, cheap shots and petty jibes are all pretty pathetic behaviour I would expect from a child, not a full grown man.

      Most of your posts are semi-literate abusive rants that generally have very little to do with the actual topic being discussed, but instead serve only as a way for you to attack others.

      For the record, making assumptions about others when you know nothing about them, making stuff up and posting it is bullying. You might want to look at that.

      It’s not classy.

  4. I haven’t ever seen these so called “screen shots”, perhaps you could enlighten us all with a few links to them? You know, since you know where they are. I would love to see them. In fact, nobody seems to have seen this “evidence” that I chase after under-aged girls. The only people who claim to have seen them are you bullies. Obviously, if such evidence really existed, I am quite positive that one of you would have reported me to the proper “authorities” by now and I would have been arrested. In fact, I am sure by this point and time that someone would have already reported me and I would have been arrested.

    But alas! I’m still free as a bird. And there is no evidence to support your claim. I’m sure that if Jude had such evidence, she would have reported me already, but she hasn’t. I wonder why? Oh, that’s right, because this so called evidence doesn’t exist. It’s not real. (Except in your head)

    While we’re at it, please also show me these threats I made against reviewers for not reviewing my books. This is your chance you finally shut me up and prove your case. Please, share the links. I know how picky you bullies are about proof so, please link us to that proof right here if you have it.

    Please, by all means, tell us all who these people are that has this evidence against me. Stop yacking about your evidence and present it. Have them come here and present it. (Since they truned down my offer to be a guest author on my blog and present it there) I’m sure the blog owner here would allow any opportunity to “prove you guys right and myself wrong”.

    Failure to do so will be proof to the world that you don’t have any evidence to support your claims, and all your yacking is just that – yacking.

    I’m waiting ……..

  5. That’s what I thought. No evidence.

    Anyhow, I am going to give you all a treat. So many different numbers keep appearing about my age and so many of you seem to want to know so …. I am gonna tell you. Better yet, let’s see if you can figure it out with this clue. I’m not quite forty and over the age of 38.

    Discuss. LOL

    Sorry Ginmar, you were waaaaaaaaaay off. LOL Oh, and to correct you on one more thing, I didn’t steal “pictures” (You use plural) It was more like singular. You guys talk about how STGRB always lies and or tells half truths, look in the mirror. You do it to. It was one, count it, ONE picture. Like I said, I already addressed that issue on my blog. I explained it plain and clear enough for even you people to understand. (One would hope)


  6. This blog is about the STGRB, not you Carroll. I have zero interest in writing anything — pro or con — about you. And giving ultimatums won’t make me any more interested then I am now, which is not at all.

  7. Wow, there are several things about this post that I want to comment on.

    Firstly – kudos for speaking out – there has been too much of this hate driven shite lately and it’s escalated to the point where people are actually scared for their own personal safety – that is never good.

    It’s good to see a voice of reason out there.

    Also, when I clicked on the comments section I was, sadly, unsurprised to find that the vast majority of the comments were from Carroll Bryant – seriously, do people like him have nothing better to do with their day than sit and Google their names (although Bryant wasn’t even named in this artivle) and pet projects – for I think we are all in agreement that Bryant clearly is involved with STGRB.

    So sad. So so sad. If only certain people put this much effort into writing their ‘books’.

    1. Thanks Claire. I have been meaning to update this article with a Part 2 post. One of these days when I have the time and inclination, I will. Those bozos are willing to spend a ton of hours each week on their hate site, but I have a real life that keeps me plenty busy. As far as CB’s posts here, I wasn’t surprised either. But as you stated (and I replied to him), my blog is not about him.

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